To get the most out of your training, we suggest 2 – 3 days of consecutive training followed by one day of rest. This ensures you are getting adequate recovery to support your fitness goals.

Training sessions at CrossFit New Beginning are designed to be scalable so that you may improve your strength, power, speed, endurance, stamina, flexibility, accuracy, balance, coordination and fitness no matter what your starting point is. This means that anyone can take part in our sessions. Our goal is for you to firstly improve your movement, then your intensity and lastly your loading.

Dropping In:

If you are visiting the area for business or leisure and want to drop in for a session we would love to see you! Give us a call or drop us an email to book into one of our classes. Drop in prices are $25/session.


Due to COVID-19 and restrictions placed on gyms, our timetable has been adjusted.

Classes start every 20mins and run for one hour kicking off at 4.40am and running through until 6.40pm.

Please contact us for more information

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